Workshops: September 11 - 12
Conference: September 13

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Corporate Panel (Corporate Only) - Sep 13

A panel with the who’s who of cybersecurity, technology and policy makers will discuss the hot topic of cybersecurity. You can get a unique opportunity to hear what is going on in the security field and how cybersecurity is being practised and promoted from the people who shape the governance of security in both public and private sector.

The Corporate Panel is exclusively for Corporate pass holders and will be presented in local language i.e. Nepali. The event promises to be a dynamic platform where attendees will explore the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats faced by organizations. Panelists will share invaluable insights on emerging threats, innovative mitigation strategies, and the paramount importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in protecting corporate data and assets. As they engage in a spirited exchange of ideas and experiences, it will become evident that the battle against cyber risks in the corporate world is an ongoing challenge that demands continuous vigilance and close collaboration among stakeholders. This panel discussion will serve as a catalyst for heightened awareness and preparedness in an era where the digital realm is an integral part of future corporate operations.

Further Details

Topic: Cyber risk in Corporate Space
Time: 15:00 - 16:30

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